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After being arrested or charged with a crime, you may spend countless hours thinking about how to handle and move forward from the arrest. Even if you are arrested for a crime but later released and the charges are dropped or the case is dismissed, the criminal arrest will still be available for public viewing.

This could cause you to feel regret or experience setbacks in the professional world and your personal life. A momentary lapse in judgment could stay with you for years into the future, having an effect on your ability to get a job or accomplish an educational pursuit. With the help of a skilled Lancaster criminal defense lawyer from our firm, however, a criminal arrest can become a thing of the past - and stay that way.

What is expungement?

Expungement refers to the act of clearing - or sealing - a criminal record from public view. When the crime has been sealed, this means that you will not have to admit that you have ever been arrested. The arrest will no longer be viewable by the public, potential employers, educational institutions, or financial institutions. It is as if the arrest or crime never happened! You may be eligible for an expungement in the following circumstances:

  • You were arrested but not convicted of the alleged offense
  • You received probation, successfully completed probation, or obtained early release
  • You have paid fines, restitution, reimbursements, or other court-ordered sentences
  • You are not currently serving another sentence or have been charged with another offense
  • You did not receive probation and it has been at least one year since the date of conviction
  • You have complied with court orders and sentences

There are certain circumstances in which an expungement will not be possible. We know that you want to move forward in life after an arrest and we take personal pride in helping our clients obtain satisfactory case outcomes. We can discuss your particular case and determine which course of legal action can secure the best possible result for your unique circumstances.

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If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or DUI / DWI and you wish to learn more about your eligibility for record expungement, contact our office today!

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