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Lancaster Medical Malpractice Attorney

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An injury sustained during medical care could be grounds for a medical malpractice claim depending on the circumstances of the case and the applicable laws. Generally speaking, medical malpractice results when a healthcare provider fails to uphold the standard of care when treating a patient, thereby leading to injury for that patient.

To understand the various complexities of medical malpractice law, however, a patient needs to consult with a qualified Lancaster personal injury attorney for guidance. Michelizzi, Schwabacher, Ward & Ward is Antelope Valley's only full-service law firm. Founded in 1952, we are the most experienced group of legal professionals in the area and we are committed to protecting the legal rights of every client, no matter what the case may be.

What is required to resolve a medical malpractice case?

First, the standard of care must be clearly defined in your individual case. This standard is based on medically accepted practices that a properly trained and conscientious healthcare professional would provide in treating your health condition. The specifics may vary depending on your age, general state of health, and other factors. Once it can be demonstrated that the medical provider did not adhere to the standard of care, your Lancaster medical malpractice attorney must prove that the doctor's failure directly caused your injury. Typically this part of the case requires the testimony of expert witnesses, such as other doctors who practice the same field of medicine as your physician or other medical professional.

It is also important to note that your case will be subject to a statute of limitations. In California you can only file a medical malpractice claim within one year after discovering the act that caused your injury, or within three years from the date that your injury took place.

Don't wait to speak to our Lancaster medical malpractice lawyer.

Because of the statute of limitations and other considerations, it is important to talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our skilled attorneys can review your case quickly and start the legal process to make sure your claim is filed within the allotted time period. When you work with us, an experienced lawyer, not a legal assistant or other employee, will always handle your case. This promise gives your case the personalized attention it deserves. To get started fighting for what you deserve, contact our office today.

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